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ACT and District Coin Club

The ACT and Districts Coin Club was started in 1996 by Eddie C. Junior and Cornelis W.. The first president for two years was Eddie C. Senior, Cornelis was the secretary for a number of years and Eddie Junior the Treasurer.

The club have been running over twenty years and still going strong with a collective group of numismatic enthusiasts providing guidance and advice on a variety of topics covering a range of collectables from proclamation, ancient, gold, pre decimal and d​ecimal coinage and notes.

The club meets every second Thursday of each month to discuss the latest news on auctions, coin showing, mint releases and presentations.

The club have a close association with the Royal Australian Mint and on occasions have representatives talk to our forum and the club attends special functions and swap meets at the mint throughout the year.

The monthly meeting​ are currently held on-site at the Kaleen Sport Club at 7.30pm, however due to the current COVID restrictions, physical meetings have been temporarily suspended and meeting are now held via Webex.